Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OK, here's the situation, my parents went away on a week's vacation

And they left the keys to their brand new Porsche. Would they mind? Hmm...well, of course not!

That title just typed itself as I went to compose this blog. I don't know where it came from or why. Sometimes you just gotta roll with things.

So it's me again and I have some news.

Kids, hell hath frozen over. I am getting married.

My plan is to use Kibbles & Knits as sort of a planning blog between now and the wedding, so the full story of my engagement is forthcoming, but I just wanted to report the news. It happened on Christmas Eve. The Cowboy and I are up to our armpits in wedding plans, and I can only speak for myself when I say that I'm loving every minute of it. We have an understanding - I only burden him with huge decisions, and he agrees to most everything I propose. It's going to be a great marriage.

Anyway, over the next 7 months, (wedding date is September 24th), I hope to use this blog as my planning guide and sounding board. I've already gotten a lot planned, and I will be creating posts and tabs to showcase our wedding plans. So stay tuned. Breaking news: I'm the first person ever to get married.

And take it from me, parents just don't understand.