Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gift of Life

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You can enter to win a really cool quilt if you click on the link and leave a comment. But the quilt isn't what I want to talk about today. The quilt is cool and all, but really, who cares about quilts when 18 people will die today because they were waiting for a life-saving organ transplant that never came.

The quilt give-away is to help a little baby named Mia, who just yesterday underwent a heart transplant. You can enter to win the quilt, or donate money to her family to help pay for her medical expenses. I'm cynical about donating money over the innernets to people you don't really know, too. Believe me, I hear you.

So if you don't want to donate money, that's cool. Maybe instead you can say a little prayer for Mia and her family. And while you're at it, say a prayer for all the other nearly 100,000 people who are waiting for a transplant.

Including my uncle, Maurie.

That's Maurie, or Mo as we call him, there on the left. He is my uncle by marriage, and probably one of the coolest people you've never met. And for those of you who have met him, then you what I'm talking about. Maurie doesn't know I'm blogging about him today, and though I'm not sure how he would feel about me telling his personal story on here (so I will keep that to myself), I know he would want me to get the word out about organ donation.

Maurie received his transplant over 20 years ago, and his donated kidney served him well for just about 20 years. But a few years ago, it gave out, and Maurie is back on dialysis. A machine keeps his blood clean, and keeps him alive, while he waits to see if he'll have another chance at transplantation.

Because of Maurie I feel very strongly about organ donation. I know that it is a personal choice, and not everyone will agree with me, but for those of you who are unsure, and because this is my blog dammit and I'll write what I want, I've put together a few facts about organ donation. For your reading pleasure. Also, I totally stole these facts from the interwebs. Thanks, Al Gore.

Did you know....that organ donation is supported by all major religions here in the US? Well it is!

Did you know....that donating your organs does NOT alter your appearance for funeral purposes at all? Nope, you'll still look like a cadaver. A dead cadaver.

Did you know....that if you are able to donate all your organs and tissues (including eyes, bone, skin, etc.) you could save or help up to 50 lives? Fifty people. Five Oh. Think of the possibilities!!!

You are dead, you don't need your eyes anymore. Why not give someone else the chance to see again? If you were blind or needed a heart or a kidney, wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you?

Please, take a minute and think about this. Consider what you'd feel like if the roles were reversed and the person you loved more than anyone in the whole wide world needed a transplant. Wouldn't you want someone out there to be generous enough to donate the Gift of Life to them? Won't you please do the same?
Take a minute and sign a donor card. But that's not enough. You also must make your wishes known to your family. Discuss with them the fact that you want your organs to be donated. They will have the final say when you are gone.

Click here to receive an organ donor card.

Maurie, Mia and I thank you.


Lisa-tastrophies said...

Not only am I an organ donor, but a cadaver donor as well. Trust me, when I'm gone I won't be using it. Cadaver donors do more than just supply medical school students with a learning lab. They are used in testing the safety and functionality of cool things like combat boots ~ because who wants to be the first one to find out that the land mine you just stepped on may or may not penetrate the steel toed boot you are wearing.
And for all us cheap-@$$ed people out there: By donating my organ and my body ~ there is nothing to bury. So save the money and throw a great wake/clam bake/margarita party in my honor instead.

Suna said...

Like Lisa, I want to be all used up. I won't be needing that stuff, and someone else might want it!

Good luck to your uncle Mo. I have a brother named Maury.

Reenie said...

I will be an organ donor also.

Christy B said...

Bravo! great blog caps! Prayers for your family and your Uncle Mo.

PrincessPea said...

Great post - thanks for reminding us about the importance of donating.

Anonymous said...

Cath, you know I don't mind if you tell my story. If it gets just one more person to become a donor, it is well worth it. The quilt is pretty cool. My heart goes out to kids who need organs. As an adult, I can deal with just about anything. Kids should be spared the crap that goes along with being chronically ill. My best to Mia and all others who are waiting for that phone call. You are the best Chipper for bringing this subject to your blog. Love U.

Uncle Moe

Reenie said...

YEA! Uncle Mo made an appearance.

Hi Uncle Mo ~ my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Daisy mum said...

I'm an organ donor!!!!!! I hope all goes well with mia and Mo. I also want to say I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very witty and I like hearing your opinions on all of your topics. Blog on!!!!!!