Friday, January 9, 2009

Knitting Help!

I had about 3 more "Michigan" blogs in my head that I intended to write, but I will be honest with you. I'm lazy. I got sick. I started a new job. And I just don't feel like it. I realized I needed to blog, and this is what I wanted to blog about, so here it is.

For Christmas, The Cowboy bought me a $50 gift certificate to my LYS, and it's been burning a hole in my pocket. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and that's the longest any gift certificate (yarn or otherwise) has gone without being spent. I can't take it any more!!!

The reason for my restraint is a good one, though. One of my new year's resolutions (ok, really, my only new year's resolution) is to.........drum roll please......knit...........myself..........a.......... sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Given the number of (!) exclamation points above, I'm sure you can sense my enthusiasm, and realize that this will in fact be my first sweater, and really my first "big" project (unless you count socks, which of course are not big in size, but are no small feat to knit).

And so, with my yarn store gift certificate, my resolve to knit a sweater, AND the fact that my mom bought me a box of sweater patterns for Christmas, the deed is upon me, and I need your help.

I've narrowed down the sweaters in the pattern box (which included one heinous Cosby-esque sweater that I kind of want to knit for fun out of Red Heart or something) to 5, which I will now present to you via photograph, and I will ask that you, oh faithful and loyal readers of my blog, help me decide which sweater to knit. For actual knitters, I ask that you take into consideration the fact that I've never knit a sweater (seems), and my budget when buying yarn (the gift certificate, plus I can throw in maybe $30 of my own money). For all you non-knitters, you can use any criteria you want when judging. I don't care.

Just weigh in, let me know which one you think I should do and why, and then I will decide, buy the yarn, and be on my way.

Let's meet the contestants. (and yes I know the picture quality isn't the greatest, just roll with me people)

The "Graceful Shell". A bit dressy, looks like a shimmery sort of yarn. No cables or anything too difficult looking, and a nice scoop neck.

The "Braided Shell" with a big cable in the front, ribbing at the sleeves and a turtle neck.
The "Grape Seed Jacket" which, were I to make it, would be another color besides grape. With a pointed color, seed stitch pattern and pockets. Also, is this a little teacher/spinster librarian/old ladyish? Or does anyone else love it like I do?

The "Summer Sun Tank". Pretty basic, very simple, and honestly, probably would be the easiest one for me to knit. But do I love it? I don't know.

The "Pockets and Ribs" - hey the name says it all here, eh? Except that I would definitely use another color. Pink and I do not see eye to eye.
So there you have them. Which one do you like? Once I make my decision I will let you guys know, and post my progress on the blog so you can all share in my victory, or defeat, of my First Sweater! Thanks for your input!


Lindsey said...

I'd say go with "braided shell". I like the seed stitch one, or the grape one but I think there's a neater version of that somewhere else out there that would probably have a better fit. Maybe even this one. I don't know. But I like that big cable shell. Plus, the less sleeves the better!

Mrs. Bird said...

I like the first two the best and doing a sweater w/o sleeves pretty much guarantees that it will fit, even if a mistake is made. And you will have sweet, sweet, victory that much sooner! That's how I made my transition and I have not looked back since!

Anita O said...

I've never knit a sweater. The yarn required to cover my ample body would be a small truckload, but one day!

I would do the first one or the tank. They look simple enough, you can throw a cardi over them in the cooler months, and there's no sleeves. Plus if you start right now, you might have it done by summer. And I love the scoop neck on the first one.

And think about when and where you well wear this finished sweater. That should also fit into your criteria. Good luck!

noble pig said...

I like number one...very classy looking. Good luck. said...

This is bnuggs and nancy nuggs. We are voting for Number One, the Graceful Shell. What kind of yarn will you use?

Suna said...

I like pockets and bibs and after that the simple shell. I'd like the braided one better, but really don't find much call for sleeveless turtlenecks. I think you'd look really nice in the simple shell, and it would be almost instant gratification.

I have a huge gift certificate from ye olde yarn shoppe from my wedding (in November!) and have only used it to buy buttons. Not sure why that is.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Go for the Summer Sun Tank. It is cute and you will probably get more use out of it living in Texas than the long sleeve ones. Just my two cents.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I would go with Graceful Shell. Or find a top down knit. Remember the sweater I had started when we first met? Yeah, I am STILL working on that sucker and I spend A LOT of time working on it over the Christmas break. Oh and stay away from sleeves on the first sweater..... they're a 3 needle b*tch from knitting hell!!!
I vote for Graceful Shell....... in pink ;-)

Daisy mum said...

I like the graceful shell.

wonder said...

Braided Shell. This is my favorite, so this is the one you shall knit. Here are my choices in order, you know, just in case you need a little help:
1. Obviously, Braided Shell
2. Graceful Shell
3. Summer Sun Tank
4. Grape Seed
5. Pockets and Ribs...please, stay away from this one. If not for yourself but for the sake of the children. It's an abomination.

Charlene said...

i like graceful shell or grape one. i like the collars on both.

Marcie said...

I vote for any of the sleeveless ones. Graceful Shell is probably my favorite and I can see you getting a lot of use out of it.

Anonymous said...

I say go with the summer sun tank. With your dilegence I think that you will have it completed just in time for the warm weather. Here in Texas that could actually be never know. I think that it would look marvelous on you.

Anonymous said...

Considering I know nothing about knitting or style ( I blame that later one on 12 years of Catholic school and Plaid skirts). I like the braided shell first and the graceful shell second. Now, considering what I told you at the beginning of the comment, you take that and run with it...


Reenie said...

My favs are

braided shell
graceful shell
summer sun tank


Anonymous said...

oh my English bad or what..maybe I should have read my own comment before I left it. Is there a way to edit these things?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not a knitter nor do I like to wear sweaters very much. Top that off with the fact that I can't stand things tight around my neck, BUT I am a faithful reader of your blog so I will comment anyway. I like the grandma sweater - the grape seed one - I'd totally wear it out of the other ones. The shell one (even though it is pretty) reminds me of that commercial that is out where there's two women and one has been knitting to keep her mind off of wanting to eat snacks, and her husband comes in with a knitted sports jersey tank top and headband and he's all, "honey, this is kind of getting warm." ha! Okay, guess you have to see it yourself . . .

Good luck!

Kristi from AR

laughingmuse said...

#3, Grape Seed! My reasons:

1) I don't get sleeveless sweaters, I just don't. Sure, I usually knit with wool, but even cotton or something else - it just leaves me cold. (Ha!)

2) Cardigans are awesomely useful.

3) It's a "dress it up, dress it down" thing.