Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog Contest Reminder!

No big news to report other than the fact that I only have 3 and a half days of school left until summer break. Yay for me. Lots of sleeping, knitting, sewing and reading are in my immediate future. 10 whole weeks. Woot.

In the meantime I just wanted to remind you all to enter my blog contest, which will end on Wednesday. Click on this link and leave a comment on the cupcake story post, and you'll be entered! Good luck!

Random picture because I have a problem posting sans photograph. Check out how long my hair is getting! I'm trying to let it grow out.

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Lisa-tastrophies said...

The hair looks great. I love it & you are looking FAB~~UUUUU~~~LOUS!!! Jealous that you get the summer off. Silly me signed up to work summer school and the jump start program. I think I am getting a total of 8 days off this summer.
So much for catching up on my blog and knitting ;-(
Happy Summer!