Monday, September 8, 2008

An Open Letter to the makers of Secret Deodorant

Dear Secret Invisible Solid Flawless Deodorant People:

Oh really?

Here's a little hint for you, if I can see it, it ain't invisible.

If it ain't invisible, it ain't flawless. In fact, I'd say it's flawful. Flawful, and awful.

Your product sucks and I will no longer be purchasing it for $5.00, which by the way since we're on the subject is too damn much for a stick of deodorant.




Anonymous said...

also you can add how much I hate that stupid commercial..the girl is way to annoying..if I were those cops, I would shoot her out of spite...just sayin'


Surviving the Utahns said...

LMAO. So sorry.
I really dig this stuff:
I can't always find it everywhere, so I stock up when I see it.

wonder said...

I hate Secret. It breaks my pits out. Then they itch all day. Curse the makers of Secret. Curse them!

noble pig said...

LOL! I applaud you for having the confidence to photograph your pits!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Joining you in the Secret Ban!! Even Degree leaves streaks. I gave up on raising my arms above my head. :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I don't like Secret either. I use Lady Mitchum clear gel - i'm a huge fan. Here, they even have an "armpit orchestra" on their website:

I also made the Hungarian meatball stew for my husband and it was a huge hit! Thanks!

Kristi G from Arkansas