Monday, October 26, 2009

Dust dust everywhere!

My product endorsement for the week. I recently bought one of these.

It was the best $4.97 I've spent in awhile. This thing is MAGIC. I don't know how or why or where, but it gathers and collects and traps the dust. Unlike anything I've ever used before. I suspect it has to do with static electricity, much like the original Swiffer duster and also fabric softener. I don't know why I think all these things are related. Perhaps because they all look and smell similar.

Anyway, I'm telling you, this thing is money. Nobody likes to clean, right? Actually that's not true at all. I love to clean, but I'm sick like that. And I know there are a lot of other sickos out there too. Well this is the clean-freak's wet dream. It makes cleaning a breeze. A walk in the park. A picnic.

I am almost embarrassed to show you the before and after shots of the Swiffer Dusters. Almost. Remember, I have no shame.


I thought I had a fairly clean house. With 4 pets and hardwood floors, we get our fair share of dust around here, but we have the Roomba to clean up for us. (another genius invention, only it costs a wee bit more; move the decimal over about 2 places to the right) However after I got my hands on this little contraption and did me up some dusting, I realized that I had a dusty, dusty home.

No more!

I can't stop dusting. If I see even a little speck of dust, I whip out the Swiffer Duster and make it disappear. Really, as far as housecleaning products go, this one is amazing. I highly recommend it for all your dusting needs today. Even if you don't think you have dusting needs, you do. You need.


Reenie said...

Yes, those are great.

With hardwood floors and tile ~ if you don't have a Swiffer Sweeper ~ don't walk to your nearest Walmart or Target and get one.

They are well worth the $29.99 ~ or whatever they cost. Great for picking up pet hair, dust and other stuff. You won't be sorry=)

A quote from a blog "Breezy Mama"

Swiffer SweeperVac makes life swell

I live by the beach; have two dogs, a toddler, and all hardwood floors. What does this add up to? Sand, dog hair, and general STUFF covering my house. What’s the answer? The Swiffer SweeperVac! One word describes this little machine—awesome. I had to sweep every day—a half hour of my life that could be better spent doing something else. A friend recommended the Swiffer and my life has changed for the better. Dog hair? Gone! Cheerios? Gone! Playground sand? Gone! The gadget is remarkable and cuts the chore of sweeping in half. Truly a timesaver.

LarryLilly said...

You have it ALL wrong

Jeez, did you ever pass the TAKS test?

Let Uncle Larry tell you the proper way to clean a house, no matter how many kids/pets/strays inside.

First open all the windows and doors. Then set the lawn mower on its HIGHEST height. Fire that puppy up, run from room to room, run over the kids dirty clothing that you told them 20 times to pick up, their toys, the hubby's undies and magazines etc. No one reads newspapers anymore, but if you do, well, they are fair game. The lawn mower will reduce to a maximum 2 inch size stuff you ran over. Put away the lawn mower. Get out the leaf blower. Start at the highest level of the house, farthest away from the back door. Fire it up and start blowing. All those pieces, dust bunnies, whatever will be swept out the room, down the hall, past the horrified kids faces, the hubby's look of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and out the back door. Do send it out the front, after all, there may be some salvageable stuff like Lego blocks, etc.

Do that ONCE, you will never be faced with repulsion when you say "If you kids dont start picking up your stuff Right Now, I am going to get the heavy equipment with more power"

Dusting is easy after that.

Anita O said...

Funny stuff here. Hardwood floors, pets, and dusting? No way. I like to leave the dust for the dust fairies. What else will they eat?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried it on blinds? Magic.

BTW - this is Andrea. Maybe I will get an identity one day.