Thursday, October 16, 2008


What I'm about to confess may come as a great shock to many of you. You may find yourself disturbed, saddened, and deeply confused by what I say. I understand. This is a secret I've been carrying around with me for 30 years. It's time to come clean. I've never seen Mary Poppins.

Yes, that's right.

I was on the phone with my lady today, and she started singing "Chim-Chim-i-nee, Chim-chim-i-nee, Chim Chim Chiroo." Now, having lived for 30 years around generations of people who have seen this movie, of course I knew where it came from. That, and Supercaliwhatever. And A Spoonful of Sugar. Yeah, I know all the songs. But I've never seen the movie.

I don't know what kind of childhood I had. Clearly it was devoid of British-umbrella-toting-singing-nannies and their chimney sweep friends. See? I even know the general plot.

I can't imagine why we never watched it in my childhood. My mom is a fan of music, and a fan of Julie Andrews, so far as I can tell given the number of times we saw The Sound of Music. Which was a LOT. I could probably recite every damn word to The Sound of Music.

But Mary Poppins? Nope. Not even once. I can't even remember having seen like 1 or 2 minutes of it. Ever.

Someone tell me, really, am I missing out? Do I need to run out and rent it? Or will my life continue on, happily, without ever seeing this supposed classic?

I resisted seeing Pulp Fiction for the longest time just because I hadn't seen it and everyone was all "WHAT? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN PULP FICTION!? OMG THAT IS TOTALLY CRAZY!" So I watched Pulp Fiction and you know what? Hated it. Thought it was the biggest waste of time stupidest most pointless ridiculous movie ever. And I've seen it a couple of times since and I still feel the same way.

Is it a little bit sacrilege that I just compared Pulp Fiction to Mary Poppins? Guess I'm driving the bus to hell. All aboard.

Oh, and since we're on the subject, and I'm already in the driver's seat, I may as well let one more confession fly.

I don't like pizza.

Carry on.


noble pig said...

Ummm, While I love Ms. Mary, I think you'll survive without her antics.

Surviving the Utahns said...

You need to see it, without a doubt. The suffragist mom, the business dad, the crazy stuff that goes on the street....besides, it was a big cinematic deal in its day.

Pizza? Are you MAD?

Becca said...

I have never heard anyone say they didn't like Mary Poppins. I think it is definitely worth watching.

Charlene said...

My friend, I am with you in one regard. We had lots of Disney sing-a-long videos when the kids were little and there were some favorite songs, the usual famous ones from the movie. They are pleasant. I like the singing reflection in the mirror and the kids liked the toys automatically putting themselves away. BUT...the whole movie is like 4 hours long. Can't stand Dick VanDyke either. SO, I don't think I have ever watched it all the way through.
Now, as for the pizza, you know I am an east-coast pizza snob. So yes, there is something wrong with you on that end.
Good day.

firefly said...

I hated Pulp Fiction as well.

As for Mary Poppins, I can recommend it as enjoyable without saying you simply must see it. It is about as opposite of Pulp Fiction as you can get, so I think the comparison is apt.

I think my favorite thing about Mary Poppins is the dream of maybe someday being able to sing and get my house and all the belongings inside of it to clean themselves up that way. Certainly, technology combined with spiritually can get us there someday ... maybe during my lifetime, please.

As for pizza, I love it but cannot eat it any longer because recently it has started giving me hives. Sad. Perhaps I could trade with you, and you could start liking it and eating it and I could start not liking it and not caring that I cannot eat it.

Thank you, by the way, for the confessions. I hope you felt refreshed afterwards.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you don't even know me, but I'm going out on a limb and I'm going to recommend that you watch it. Not like on a Friday night, but maybe on a Sunday afternoon or if you're home sick or something. It's just a feel good Disney movie - one of my favorites from when I was little. It's going to come across pretty cheesy now, but it's still a good watch. And you can fast forward through any songs that annoy you . . .
Your Pulp Fiction experience was my Titanic experience - what a waste of 3 hours (or however long it was), even with Leo in it, I was so disappointed!

Have you ever seen The Sound of Music???

Kristi from AR (Cheeto's friend)

KnitNana said...

OH for heavens sake. OF COURSE you should rent it! It's delightful.

View it with a 7 year old's eye. Give your inner child a treat!

(But I LIKE Dick Van Dyke, too!)