Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chuck Woolery would be proud

I met a cyber friend today. Lisatastrophies - a reader of this blog and winner of my blog contest and fellow resident of Austin and frequent shopper of The Knitting Nest. Lisa and I had been talking back and forth via our blogs (hers, by the way is hee-LAR-ious, if you haven't checked it out already, what are you waiting for?) and Ravelry. When she won the contest, we both thought it would be fitting that we met each other finally (so she could receive her winnings) at (Duh) The Knitting Nest.
It was kind of like a blind date. But with a friend. Who you sort of know. But not really. You know a lot about this person, but then again, you don't know anything at all about them. I mean, she didn't even know my real name! She talks about all sorts of crazy things on her blog, as do I, and so we know silly little details about each other's lives, but we don't know a lot of big stuff. It was weird.

Anyway, while I was getting ready to go, I kept thinking "What should I wear? I want to make a good impression" (by the way, I decided on jeans and a sweatshirt and was pleased to see she had selected the same outfit) and "I hope she likes me" and "What if she's weird" and "What if she's really crazy and tries to kill me, steal my yarn and dispose of the body in a dumpster?"

This are things you need to consider when meeting an online acquaintance for the first time. Important stuff.

You can all rest easy. The meeting went wonderfully. For starters, we were in broad daylight. Second, it was a public place. And finally, Lisa did not have a third eye, mustache, snaggletooth, bad hair, or any other offensive traits.

She did seem to think that she smelled (she did not) from a friend who had stayed at her place, and I was coughing all over the place and talking in my super sexy sick man voice, so we were kind of even in that regard.

Anyway, as I said, it went well. We chatted for about an hour about ourselves, and then we knit for a little while. She showed me some things, and I showed her some things. It was a good exchange. Then we drooled over some of the yarn at TKN, though neither of us bought any (we did both buy some new DPNs, though).

All in all, a successful friend blind date!

Lisa, are you reading this? I'd love to ask you out for a second date. Let's see who our audience selected for me.....

We'll be back in two and two.


Anonymous said...

Wow caps my dear, dear friend..I give you kudos as I would NEVER have the guts to meet anyone online. I especially would never fly to a different state to stay with anyone I met online.

I am glad you and Lisa had a good "Date" can I asked if you "kissed' her yet?

Reenie said...

To the first anonymous poster that are missing out on meeting some great people IRL that you have "met" online.

Caps was my first online friend that I met IRL ~ 3 years ago. I drove to Austin, TX from Wichita, KS to go to a wedding of yes.... another online friend. Caps was at the guest book, so I met her first....then her BF....then after witnessing a beautiful wedding, I met the bride and groom.

Although, we have not been able to get together again IRL, we have kept in contact over the years and I consider them to be very good friends of mine.

So....if you ever have the chance to meet a person IRL that you have met online....I hope you change your mind and meet them=)


YEA! I'm glad you two finally met.

Cappy ~ I got my pkg in the mail Friday. THANK YOU! Love the CDs and the knitty you made me ~ too cute....makes me want to start knitting too ~ I wish we were closer so you could learn me how!! Oh, and the little bag's so cute.

Love ya ~

Bean Counting Knitter said...

That is awesome! I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people from online friendships and some not so great. Kinda like real life. Meet some nice people and then some not so nice people. It all comes out in the end though. Sounds like you two have made a long time friendship. :-)

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I have so much fun and it was great to meet you. You are right; it is very strange to meet someone you know, but don't know, but feel like you should know... You know, I had the same thoughts when I was getting ready :-)
And we are defiantly on for the second date. Besides, I to try that sock knitting thing, you were having soooo much fun at it :-0
P.s. To Anonymous above... eeewwww, dude, grow up.

noble pig said...

Fun, when i worked at NBC I used to walk by the room where Chuck was getting his makeup put on every day for Love Connection,,,he really is that cute in person.