Monday, December 22, 2008

Michigan or Bust!

It's 6:00 and I'm sitting here blogging, an old Snoop Doggy Dogg song running through my head:

"I got some b!tches in the living room getting in on, and they ain't leavin' till six in tha mo'nin

Ah, Snoop. You always seem to find a way to put into words all of those little tricky life situations.

We leave for Michigan today. We are driving. It should take about 2 days and all the patience I can muster to ride in the car with The Cowboy, AKA He Who Thinks He is the Only and Best Driver in the Word and on the Road, and All Other People Should Get the Hell Out of His Way or He Will Run You Off the Road Because You Are An Idiot and Clearly Don't Know How to Drive For Shit.

Does Snoop have a song for that? I'm thinking I'll take a large sedative. Wake me when we cross over the border in Ohio.

Accompanying us on this journey will be my gnew gnome friend

This is Lloyd. He's a Michignome. He was a gift from my friend Cheeto (Stinky Pants' Mom). He is appropriately named after the recently retired and beloved coach of Michigan football (before they sucked this year, thank you RichRod), Lloyd Carr.

I am really looking forward to a nice, long, relaxing trip home, where I get to see my family, my friends and all my favorite places that they just don't have here in Austin, Texas (Meijer, Coney Island, Trader Joe's, Panera). Because of this, I'm not sure how often, if at all, I will be blogging while I'm gone. But I will be taking LOTS of pictures, and mentally writing lots of blogs. So I'll have lots to report when I get back.

I hope you all have a great, wonderful, magical, safe and fun holiday, where ever you may be and however you choose to spend it.

It's a Festivus for the Rest of Us!


Christy said...

Just because you don't want to drive south of the River for Panera, doesn't mean we don't have them in Austin..we really do.

Be careful, have a wonderful trip, hug Nuggs and Gram for me, and I promise to pray for you on your drive up with Cowboy!

Reenie said...

Hey Cappy ~ have a safe and fun trip. Make sure Loyd wears his seatbelt:)

Are you ever going to tell us what GOBBLES is???

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Merry Christmas. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip home.

Anita O said...

Have a safe drive. It's blizzarding in MI right now! But by the time you get there, the snow should have settled. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas cappy!! I hope you have a great holiday!

Kristi from AR

Anonymous said...

Please go to Olga's and have some snackers for me. Then make your New Year's resolution to plan a trip to Las Vegas in 2009.

Merry Christmas!!