Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Despite Appearances....

Contrary to how it looks, I've gotten a lot done in the past week. Let's review.

House - decorated (inside anyway, The Cowboy is in charge of the exterior holiday illumination, a la Clark W. Griswold and he's been sick sick sick for over a week, the poor bastard)

Shopping - done (except for a few minor things for The Cowboy for his stocking and what not)

Gifts - wrapped

Tree - up
Cards - signed, sealed and stamped to be dropped in the mailbox tomorrow

Knitted Christmas Items - almost done (save one more that I'm just starting on for one of my cousins, but it will only take me 2 days, MAX)

Blog contest winners packages - mailed, delivered or scheduled delivery (I get to meet Lisatastrophies in person, yay!)

Yarn Swap from Ravelry package - delivered

(those bastards at the US Post Office who I and my friend Heather both hate very much got like $30 of my money today, which I parted with not easily)

Sometimes I ask myself how I do it all. And then I pat myself on the back. All that's left to do is bake cookies and make party mix and I am waiting until the second week of December for that, so now I'm just relaxing, reading (re-reading, actually, Eat, Pray, Love which if you haven't read it you should because it was so good that I'm reading it again. It soothes me), and knitting for pleasure. And drinking wine. Right now, I mean. Not all the time. Hehe, I wish. I could be so lucky.

Hey remember how I told you about those fancy shmancy Christmas decorations I used to make for my friends? Well I took some pictures. Sit down my friends, you're about to get your pants knocked off. I am so damn crafty.

The first year I made these little guys - Snowmen.

Then came the Angels (I KNOW!!!!).

And finally, Rudolph.

I stopped there, though I contemplated doing a Santa Claus, but did not. These little characters are between 3 and 4 inches tall and are among my favorite Christmas decorations. Mostly because I did them myself.

Speaking of things I did myself, I painted this Nativity. I bought the figures plain ceramic and painted them. Damn, I'm good.

I didn't make this, but someone did. Everyone in my family has one of these trees. Do you? I think they're old school. This one belonged to my late great aunt Betty (Betty Six Tooth, we used to call her, for reasons that I don't think need explanation). When she passed, it became mine and I love it. The Cowboy broke the tip off a few years ago and I about died. I was so overcome with grief. He glued it back on, but you can still see where it broke.

Here's our "real" tree. I put it up all by myself while The Cowboy laid his sick ass on the couch and told me where to put stuff. He's awfully bossy when he's sick. And oh. Those lights? Yeah, not my first choice. I prefer the white lights, but the Cowboy went all LED crazy on me last year and bought all new Christmas lights for both the inside and outside, so I have to use them for at least a few years and then I'll switch back and he'll never know.
Moose likes the tree.
I like snow globes.

Coincidentally, the dogs didn't help me one bit. They are so lazy!

But they're also really really cute.
Hope your holiday preparations are coming along as swimmingly as mine!!!


PrincessPea said...

Wow - you really have been busy! Just one of those things on your list would have been enough for me...

I really love your crib, especially the fact that you painted it yourself! That's definitely an heirloom in the making.

Anonymous said...

Sooo I have to say that I am totally jealous of all of your awesome decorations. Because all of my Christmas decorations are hidden away in a box in a cold store room where I won't get to see them for another year. At least I will get to enjoy your lovely decorated house on Thursday!


Reenie said...

Oh Cappy ~ how cute is that picture of you and the doggies.

I LOVE your homemade decorations ~ too cute.

Does Moose climb the tree?

I can't believe you have everything done......holy cow!!

You get to meet Lisa ~ kewel bean=)

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Way to go Cappy! I am taking it easy this Christmas season. No cards and just some colored lights on the Rubber Tree.

Moose looks ready to pounce the tree.

Christy said...

Wow Caps, I have to say I am impressed, and yes I have one of those tress. My Grandmother made it for me, or rather us, I think I was 2 at the time.

Tiff, anytime you and the little miss want to come over and look at our REAL tree you can (well, you have to wait until after the 14th, that is when we go to the Elgin Christmas tree farm! =)

Lisa-tastrophies said...

OK, I totally have that Christmas tree!!! In fact just about every member of my family who is older than 12 has that tree. It's totally old school, but still the coolest decoration in the bunch.

BIG SNAPS on making those decorations. I am so jealous of your skills. Last thing I made for decorations was a macaroni sting for the tree when I was in 5th grade. I think my mom threw it away or made mac & cheese with it.

And the dogs are too cute and Moose is completely checking out how to climb that tree!!

P.s. Can't wait to meet you on Sat!!

noble pig said...

Umm, could you come over now? Good grief how is that all done already? Wow.

Michelle said...

Wow, you are way ahead of me! I've got my tree up, and my gift list is still pretty long. I love those little green ceramic trees, too! My grandma has one.

My son thinks your dogs are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Okay Caps, you are officially nominated for Christmas Superwoman of 2008! I am very impressed - I just ordered my Christmas cards yesterday . . . hope they show up in time for me to mail them!!

I also love the homemade decorations - it makes them even more special.

kristi from AR

Anonymous said...

NOT!!! I don't have a single decoration up and everybody is sick....I am really jealous (or maybe I will just have to hate you..just a little bit) Oh yeah--we have one of those trees!

Daisy mum said...

You are so crafty. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the snowman, then the angel was pretty, then rudolf. They are so cute. Hats off to you!!!!!!

Lina said...

Wow, can't believe how much Christmas stuff you have done already! So jealous... I'm way behind!

You doggies are adorable, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

THere are no words for the Angel/cup you made.