Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am 10 days and 6 posts away from both my 1 year Blogiversary AND my 100th post. So I'm going to try and post 6 times in the next 10 days so that both will fall on the same day. I figure that will make for some awesome poetic justice (Ok, so I don't know what that means but I like the sound of it) AND a blog give-away. Since I promised more of those way back when and never delivered. Add it to the list.

Oh, and just so you aren't anxiously checking back in here every other day hoping for some sort of great mind blowing earth shattering knee slapping news, I did not say, nor do I promise that these next 6 posts will be interesting. Probably the opposite, in fact. So you've been warned.

But, in a blog to come tomorrow (because I'm too busy drinking wine right now to do it), I will update you on my knitting status and many projects, including the sweater I swore up, down and sideways I was going to have done by St. Patrick's Day. I know you won't want to miss that!

Ta for now, hope you all had a delightful Easter!
Gratuitous Cute Dog Shot.
Sam's face always looks like this when we take her in the car. We haven't quite figured out if she loves it or is terrified of it.


Lisa-tastrophies said...

I'll be here to read them!! 1 year! That rocks. Sent you a message on ravelry.

Anita O said...

Ok, I'll be checking in.
The dog looks happy? Either that, or he's trying hard not to throw up. LOL.