Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear Bloggy Friends and Neighbors....

Hey it's me, your long lost friend Caps. I've pretty much jumped ship and let you all hanging in the lurch. I'm sure you've all managed to survive just fine without me. But since I've received some comments and emails regarding my whereabouts, I thought I'd give a brief update.

I'm still alive and well and living in Austin, Texas. I've been busy these past few months with a new job, and honestly haven't been knitting much. I recently picked up the needles again, and I also took a sewing class. I've been crafting it up quite a bit lately, but of course I haven't documented any of this on my blog.
I am contemplating the direction I want to take this blog. I have some ideas, and I've even reserved another domain (aside from blogspot) at (ch-ch-ch-check it out), which is still under construction, but at least I have it and can do whatever I want with it.
I'll be honest and admit that I've considered quitting the blog altogether. I don't think anyone would miss me too terribly, and I'm not looking for sympathy "Oh please don't quit blogging"s when I say that. But to be honest, I'm too self preoccupied to quit writing about myself for good. So blog I will continue to do, it just might be awhile before I get the new site up and running. In the meantime, you might see some changes here as I play around with format and stuff to try and see what I like and what I don't.
I won't promise timely updates or American Idol recaps. We both know those would be empty words, and you deserve better than that my friends. I will say, however, that I was more than a little happy to see this flake go home last night.

Uh buh bye.

But I digress. That's all I have for now, for the 3 people that might actually still be reading this here little blog. I've missed writing, I've missed reading all your blogs (yes, I've slacked off on that too), and I hope that I can find my mo-jo and return to you.
But for now, I will leave you with a picture of my feet.

Because you know that's how I roll.


Betty said...

Thanks for the blog. FINALLY. It has been too long. And just what kind of shoes are those???

Anita O said...

Do what you got to do girlfriend. I know life gets in the way, but blogging, crafting, all that is supposed to be FUN and not a chore. I for one will miss your smart ass comments, but I'll get over it. and I'll keep checking just in case!

Suna said...

You are a talented writer and have a great "voice." The humor in your blogs is the kind of thing that a larger audience of readers would enjoy, so please DO keep writing about your life and find a good focus. We need "Erma Bombecks" from your generation!

Reenie said...

YEA! You're back....well for now ~ I hope you keep blogging ~ I've missed ya sister!


Daisymum said...

I can't believe how long your hair is now since the last photo of you. I do enjoy your humor. Your blog is one of my top 5 that I like to read. I will check out the other site in the meantime. I have missed your words!!!!!

Caps said...

Everyone - thanks for the nice words. I promise I'm not quitting, just taking a break, but I think I will be back soon.

Daisymum - that is an oooooooold picture. My hair is still pretty short. See? I am too lazy to even take a recent picture of myself.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Too cute shoes! Love the feet.
As for the blog. I'd keep it. I know how busy school is and how it takes up almost every moment of your week and some of the weekend, but the blog bug comes around and you just got to do it. Plus, a little absence makes the readers grow fonder or is that the heart?

AND it's a good inspiration for those who are not on Ravelry to see your works, get some sewing feedback and general gnome awareness.