Monday, August 18, 2008


My Monday is officially off to a crappy start. I was running late this morning, forgot to grab my gym bag (which I'm not really all that sad about anyway), and I didn't have time to stop and grab something to eat. Not good. To top it off, on my way to work I saw a deer get hit by a car. Oh, my.

Now, I live in Texas, which for those of you who don't know, is the Official Road Kill Capitol of the World. Honestly, it is. And before that, I lived in Michigan which is a close second. I see road kill of all manner every single day. Road kill itself doesn't bother me. Except when it's 104 outside and the smell of rotting, decomposing animal flesh infests my nose and stays with me for 3 hours. Then I get a little annoyed. But just the sight of roadkill? Meh, no big deal. Unless of course it's a cat or a dog, and then watch out because I will start crying.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the deer. Well I could see it start to walk across the street, and the car in front of me stopped to let it go. The car coming in the opposite direction slowed down, and I believe was attempting to stop, but couldn't quite get there in time, and her bumper caught the deer's rear legs. The deer flipped over, stumbled, tried to stand up, stumbled some more, and then got up and walked away. I saw all off this whilst peeking out from behind my hands as I watched in horror and repeated "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no" to myself. It looked like the lady who hit the deer was pretty much doing the same thing in her car. I feel terrible for her. If I had been the one who hit a deer, I'm pretty sure I'd have driven that car right off a bridge after that.

It looked like the deer was ok, but really, how can you know for sure? He could have gone into the woods, curled up and died somewhere. The Cowboy, bless his heart, tried to reassure me by saying that more often than not, if they can get up and walk away, they will be fine. So that made me feel a little better, but I tell you what, I started crying and only just a little while ago was I able to pull myself together.
So, wild deer, wherever you are, I hope you are OK. I'm sorry that I ate your cousin a few weeks ago when we were camping and really enjoyed it. Please don't die.


charlene said...

so this is really funny. everytime i ever rode with Lisa J and we saw a dead deer she would always say "rest in peace, dear Bambi" and now my kids say that all the time. oh i agree, i think if it got up and walked away it will be fine.

wonder said...

Don't worry lady. If for some reason the deer doesn't make it, some "hunter" will stop and pick it up, bring it home, and claim it as his own, just like Jeff used to do.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I was starting to tear up until I came to the part about you eating Bambi's cousin and would the car-hit deer please not die. Then I was giggling my rear off and hoping the deer was ok... and thinking if the butcher shop on south Congress sells deer.......

Anonymous said...

LOL! I agree though, it's one thing to have really good venison, and another to see their cute little faces and worry about them getting across the road!! We are infested with deer everywhere right now (Central Arkansas). There are some cute little babies and their momma that keep walking by my office window!!
Thanks for the laugh!

Daisy mum said...

I hope the deer is alright. The circle of life is sad sometimes but at least it has a purpose. His life will not be wasted.