Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm feeling lucky

The Cowboy and I did something totally out of character for us last night. Something I've always thought about doing, but never have (because me and my money don't part ways easily, and neither do the Cowboy and his money).
The Cowboy got a "bonus" at his job yesterday. A "bonus" of $50.00. When he told me of this "bonus", I said to myself, I said, "Oh boy. Whatever will we do with this great windfall of money."

I hope you can hear the dead-pan in my voice there.

So he asked me how I would choose to spend $50 if someone handed it to me for no good reason, and I answered him honestly.


But apparently he didn't want to buy yarn. Can't imagine why, but whatever.

So then he asked what else I would do with the money.

And I asked myself, if you didn't like my first answer, then why did you ask?

But then I thought, I don't want to open THAT can of worms, so I decided to just be cooperative, and answered him. "I'd buy $50 worth of scratch off lottery tickets. I've always wanted to do that."

And he seemed to like that idea. And although I tried to convince him that he should do whatever he wanted with that whopping $50 (but, of course, not to spend it all in one place), he was stuck on the lottery ticket idea.

So, that's what we did.
Hark! Good fortune, sir!!! We won!!!! We bought 1 - $7.00 ticket, 3 - $1.00 tickets, and 20 - $2.00 tickets. And we won our money back plus $16.00 extra dollars. Grand Total of Winnings - $66.00!!!! Whoop. Don't be jealous.
And for the record, we haven't decided how we're going to spend our lottery winnings yet. But I'm going to make my case for yarn.

Last night was also Baby Stinky Pants' first Wednesday Taco Night with the gang (something I realize I haven't really chronicled here on my blog, so I will remedy that perhaps next week, so stay tuned).

I don't think she was really all that excited to be there.

I just stared at her while she was sleeping and willed her to wake up so I could hold her, but this is The Most Stubborn Child Ever (as evidenced by the fact that she was almost 2 weeks overdue), and she just continued to sleep.

My arms were itching. I had to hold that baby. So I made her mother wake her up and pass her over to me. I don't care if you're never supposed to wake a sleeping baby. Blar blar blar, go tell it to someone else. I needed that child.

At first, clearly, she was less than pleased to have been woken so rudely from her slumber. There she is threatening me with that fist again. She's feisty, this one! I like it.

But I persevered, and eventually, we bonded. Oh, that look on her face is gas. Not displeasure. We were at a Mexican food restaurant, after all. Everyone at the table had gas.

But then I began to notice something about BSP. She kind of always has that look on her face. Like she's grumpy. Or cantankerous. Ornery. Displeased. Sour. And I don't think it's because she's not a happy baby. She didn't cry once the entire time we were there. She didn't even fuss. She was a little angel, with the face of......

Maybe she's just concentrating really hard on something? But no, her mother says she always looks like this (which, actually, is exactly how her dad looks, especially in the above picture. Very intense.).

Maybe I should change her name? Maybe I'm a little bit scared of her, and when she grows up and can comprehend, maybe she won't be so amused that we call her Baby Stinky Pants, and maybe she will try to kick my ass. It's something I'm considering.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I just hope BSP's Mom didn't have a problem getting BSP back to sleepy bye's after being rudely woken up by Aunty Caps LOL.

So any luck on making the case for more yarn with your lottery winnings?


Suna said...

Hey, way to increase your fine bonus! You can do a LOT more with $66 than with $50! Just don't ask me what.

I love the faces that baby makes. I think she's working very hard on reaching developmental milestones, which requires a lot of concentration. Uh huh.

noble pig said...

That baby is so cute! Very serious too!

I love that you wanted to buy yarn but went for the lotto anyway. Now split your winnings and get your yarn!

I love the name of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know what you can buy with it...You can buy our crazy neighbor some beer with it. Because you know he would totally love that!


Anonymous said...

OMG....that picture of BSP ~ with her looking all serious cracks me up!! Your eye looks so much better Cappy=)


Bean Counting Knitter said...

Wow she didn't fuss the whole time? That is a good baby stinky pants! Very sweet pictures! From one Cappy to another Cappy

firefly said...

Man, you are funny. I love your writing style.

Looking forward to checking in on you again.