Friday, August 22, 2008

The Most Boring Blog Ever

Seriously, just stop reading right now, that is how boring my life has been this week. If you choose to proceed, consider yourself warned. This blog may cause drowsiness.

I have been totally uninspired to blog this week. Usually I'm always thinking of things to write about, and taking a ton of pictures. But this week....nothin'. I don't know what my problem is. I'm completely unmotivated, and it's extended into my knitting. How are my Ravelympics projects going?, you might be asking yourself. Well I am no Michael Phelps. I will not be taking home 8, or for that matter any, gold medals.

My Ravelympics projects (finishing the PSoD, and making another pair of socks) are completely stalled out. No, wait. Stalled out would imply that I had started them and then stopped mid-knit. That would be false. I didn't even start them. I knit perhaps 2 rounds on the PSoD, and didn't even bother to cast on for the other socks. However, in the meantime I have managed to knit up 2 more scarves and a bunch of coasters. And I will tell you why: those items are mindless. I can sit on the couch and garter stitch up a scarf or a coaster and not have to think about what I'm doing. I'm not a good enough knitter yet to do socks and have it not require thought. The thought of socks just makes me tired.

In the absence of any great, prolific blog posts or new pictures, I went ahead and was clearing out old pics on my camera, and have come across a few random gems that I will share with you now. Just because I can't stand to have a blog without pictures. It just ain't right, I say.

Here is Moose, or as I like to call her, Rupert Von Poppington Head, looking super cute. I don't know why I call her that. I am a weird crazy cat lady. Cut me some slack.

Here is Gus, or as I like to call him, Mister Sister. Or The Fat Man. Or Bubba. Or Bubs McGee. Gus has a lot of nicknames. I promise this is the last cat picture I will post for awhile. At least until tomorrow. No really, I don't take that many pictures of my cats. Really. I don't.

Here's Brent working on our floors in the kitchen/dining area. This is an OLD picture, probably from March or April. Those floors have been done for months. I am lazy.

These are some roses that we (and by we, of course I mean The Cowboy) grew in our garden this spring. The Cowboy picked them for me and put them in a vase. After I asked him to. Twice. Oh, the romance.

My feet. I have a weird thing about taking pictures of my feet. I don't know why.

Sydney, looking especially cute and Pebbles-like on her first birthday.

Lake Buchanan. Taken during our yearly camping trip. It's one of my favorite places to be.

Wes, or as I like to call him, Westicle. Piloting the boat during our camping trip. Nice hair, Westicle.

Oh dear. All I can say is don't be jealous of my mad skillz.

I was trying to get a cute shot of me and Sam but that damn dog won't sit still for 2 seconds.

You no likey, Mikey?

Clearly, this one was taken at the end of the night.

I need help.

"Whatchoo talkin' bout, Mr. D?"
Mess up their eyes early, I always say. It's worth it to get a cute picture like this.

This is the jackass, er, I mean man that I live with, y'all. God help me.

That's it for the random camera shots. There were like 5 other pictures of my feet on there, no joke, but I figure no one really wants to see those. I mean, I don't even really want to see them. I don't know why I take them. I don't know why I do half the crap I do.

Tomorrow we're going to Schlitterbahn and for those of you not familiar with Schlitterbahn, you are missing out. I realize it's another water park and I'm really taking a gamble and rolling the dice on the whole staph infection situation, but I like to live on the edge. And this time if I get one, I'll have no one to blame but myself. It's all about personal responsibility.

Here's hoping for everyone's sake that my weekend is more exciting....hope yours is also!


noble pig said...

Okay that was actually hilarious. See all those funny pics are entertaining!

apocaknits said...

I'm going through a blogging dry spell also. At least you have cool pictures of cats and babies to share! I love the random pictures of the feet- wtf? :p

Anonymous said...

Cappy ~ you never have a boring blog. Have a great weekend ~

~ Reenie ~

Bean Counting Knitter said...

More kitty pictures plzzzz! Boring? Whatever...

What is that you are trying to shove into your mouth?

Caps said...

BCK - that, my friend, is a flashlight. And I was not trying to shove it in my mouth, I was shoving it in my mouth. I'm telling you, Skillz that pay da billz.

Anita O said...

I really think you should be writing a book. The captions are hilarious. Who cares about the non-knitting mojo and Ravelympics when you got some feet to look at. And the flashlight pic...and the jackass....

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Hey you get points for actually casting on the PhoD. I have two projects that at this rate will be done sometime in the year 2015. The vest looked oh so cute and easy until I got to the shoulders.... And the sun dress has 25 inches of skirt knit-in-the-round that is killing me.

The Kitties are cute :-)