Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Babies

Last night was Taco Night, and I realize that I promised last week that there would be a blog with Taco Night details forthcoming this week. So I lied. Listen, our regular Taco Night restaurant was closed for maintenance, so we had to go to another location, and it wasn't the same, and Marcelino, our comical waiter, wasn't there, and I just can't be expected to blog about something that didn't, in fact, take place as usual last night.

Never one to disappoint, though, I do have a little something for you today. The 2 newest members of our Taco Night crew were there last night.

Baby Stinky Pants

and The Cuteness

Get a load of that baby.

Let's do a little comparison, shall we? (although, I'd like to add a small disclaimer here, to the parents of both babies, your children are perfect, beautiful and wonderful and there really is no reason for comparison, other than sheer comedy, thank you)

Let's take a look at The Cuteness' hair.
As one friend put it, it looks like she has "Lego hair" - you know, that plastic hair that you can pop on and off the little Lego figurines? And according to The Cuteness' own mother, people have said she looks like she's wearing a toupee. I briefly considered changing her name to Baby Toupee, but that's just cruel.

Now let's examine BSP's hair. She's got what I like to call "Grandpa Hair".

Many babies have the Grandpa Hair. It's nothing to be ashamed of. But when you stick her next to ol' Lego Head up there, a kid could develop a complex.

Back to The Cuteness.

This kid isn't missing any meals. I got to feed her while we waited for our table, and I'm looking forward to regaining the use of my left arm in 2-4 days. Kid's a load. Just sayin'.

(did anyone else notice that I wore this shirt last week to Taco Night? Apparently my turquoise Old Navy tee shirt is my official Taco Night uniform)

Baby Stinky Pants, on the other hand, has been aptly named "Feather" by The Cuteness' mother. BSP is so quiet and little that sometimes you might not realize she's there. That is, until she ripens up one of her diapers, and then there's no forgetting.

A little side by side action.

I can't decide if The Cuteness is thinking "Stick with me kid, I'll show ya the ropes." or "What the hell? This kid doesn't have any hair."

No question here. Baby Stinky Pants is thinking, "Please don't let her eat me, daddy!"

It's worth noting that they are 6 weeks apart, and I think it's pretty awesome that they were born so close together. All comments on this blog are made in jest because in reality, I think these two babies are pretty damn awesome and I love getting to see them and hold them and, oh ok, smell them all the time.


Bean Counting Knitter said...

They are beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG they are both adorable....I can't believe the hair on her. BSP looks so tiny next to her too!

BTW ~ I like your "taco nite" shirt ~ you look good in that color.

~ Reenie ~

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the baby run down comparison - just like on ESPN! But they're both adorable! So funny Caps - and I agree with Reenie - Taco night blue looks good on you!


Anonymous said...

I'm sad we missed it...


Anonymous said...

I am completely jealous! I need baby love, and it doesn't look like I am gonna get any!!!!

Haley is beautiful!


Lisa-tastrophies said...

Definitely thinking "This kid has no hair".
Two Too Two cute.

lightfootlotus said...

Aww such cute babies. Love the lego hair. Both of mine had wild hair that looked like they stuck their fingers in a light socket

noble pig said...

That hair is adorable. It is like a toupee but perfectly cute in every way.