Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't let me be lonely tonight

I started this blog last night, when I was listening to my James Taylor (love you JT!!) CD, hence the title of the blog. This is a whole bunch of random randomness stuffed into a blog because I don't have any one Big Thing to blog about, so suck it up and read.

(I'd like to give fair warning here that I'm going on very little sleep for the past 3-4 days...I worked all weekend and haven't quite caught up on the zzz's) (and also, this blog is going to be extra super photo heavy) (and also, I like to use parentheses) (is that how you spell parentheses?)

So anyway, it's been a Big Few Days in our house. And I'm pretty sure that once I detail to you what constitutes the making of Big Days, you will realized just how "exciting" my life really is. You may even be jealous and wonder if you can ever hope to be as cool as me. I get that a lot.
Exciting Thing #1 -May is Sam's birthday month. We aren't sure of the exact date, but we think it's towards the end of May. Anyway, on Saturday, she got a new toy from PetSmart, and she was very excited. As demostrated here.

She can hardly contain herself. Innit she cute?

Big Happening #2 - some of you may be aware that in days recent, I've had a most strong, peculiar and ridiculously unending craving for chicken salad. (I told you this was exciting stuff). Chicken salad has been on my mind. Well, I searched for recipes last night and finally broke down and made some.

Looks good, huh? I haven't tried it yet, but I know you're all anxious to hear if it's any good, so I will let you know ASAP.
Most Exciting Things #3& #4 are related and both involve one of my new favorite thing on the planet.....................YARN.

THIS is my new sock yarn, fresh out of the bag, ordered from and delivered to my door. It made my day yesterday. Now, why would I need more sock yarn, you ask? Here's why kids.

Those are my socks. Finished. All that working this weekend was not for not. I finished my socks AND I will get a Big Fat Paycheck. Look at my feet, they are happy. Look at my legs, they are ashy. I should have lubed them up before I took the shot, but hey, I was excited.

And finally, I leave you with this. I've known for quite some time that I have a Vera Bradley addiction problem. After having received a new catalogue, in which she introduces me to a new pattern (Seaside) for limited edition summer only (!!!) I have been fighting the urge to run out and buy one. Not that I've had the time. Do I really neeeeed this purse?

The jury is still out.
(sad thing is that's not even the entire collection of VBs)


Marcie said...

Please!!!! Seaside is my new favorite pattern and i think I'll have to get something from Vera. I just can't stand the urge!!

PS. as you know I have also become addicted to yarn in the recent weeks as my crochet fetish has returned. I found a yarn shop in downtown Plymouth that I can't wait to visit called The Olde Yarn Shoppe. Doesn't it just sound cozy and warm?

BradyPatrick said...

I heart yarn too. I weave it. Maybe one day I will weave you a scarf for those cool Texas winters.