Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On and off the needles

Before I even begin the main part of this blog, I just want to give a shout out and congratulations to my friends Sara & Eric and their new daughter, Madeleine Marie who graced us with her presence yesterday afternoon! She was 5 days early (induced) and a big girl! 9 lbs 2 oz. I am so happy for both of them and their baby girl and I can't wait to meet her tonight!! (pictures to follow, of course). AND I finished the blanket this past weekend, yay, which brings me to my next subject....

I was a knitting fool this past weekend. I finished the following: 1 sock, 1 baby blanket (finished the second panel and then sewed the pieces together), 1 felted bracelet bag, 1 lil' critter hat, and then started on another felted bracelet bag that I have since finished. On top of all that knitting, I completely cleaned the house from top to bottom, helped Blain finish the floors, did 10 loads of laundry and worked in the yard. Oh, and finished painting the hall. Yeah. I swear I did it all without the help of illegal stimulants. Then I made dinner on Sunday and knit some more!
Here are some visual aids.

Lil' critter hat. For Ellie Sivier. My (other) friend Sarah's newest.

Gus models the lil' critter hat. Look at the way he casually and yet fiercly does not look at the camera.

Felted Bracelet Bag numero uno. (pattern courtesy Crazy Aunt Purl)

Numero dos.

Sock for Wonder. One down. One to go.

And just because I never get tired of how cute this kid is, Sydney. :)

I did not get a picture of the completed blanket for Miss Maddie, but I hope to get one of her with the blanket. Perhaps even tonight.

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