Friday, May 30, 2008

What can brown do for me???

Ok I should probably start out by saying that obviously I am in a very serious, committed and loving relationship and I would never in a million years even THINK about doing anything stupid to jeopardize that. Now that that is out of the way, I will proceed with my blog about....



I'm not sure what it is exactly, because this guy, though not ugly by any means, certainly isn't your conventional "hunk".

(wait a minute did I seriously just use the word hunk to describe a man. Ok it's official, I'm Old)

Anyhoo, I think it might be the uniform. Head to toe brown, short pants. Or the fact that he can carry like 10 boxes at once and not even need me to get the door for him (so strong!!). Or maybe because he comes in with a slight sheen of sweat on him, smelling like a man baby. A man.

And maybe I'm crazy, or clinging to my lost twenties (miss you!), but I swear he flirts with me. And I get all giggly and stupid. Sigh.....

Anyway, I won't name names because I'm sure he's so cool that he's decided to somehow find out my last name and then just by chance search the Internets to try and find my blog about knitting and dogs and chicken salad, and then reads it religiously so he would know I'm talking about him. But if you're curious, his name is the same as one of my ex boyfriends, and it rhymes with Matt.



Anonymous said...

I seriously know what you mean. I think it's the uniform. When I used to work in retail we had a UPS guy come by everday and I experienced something like you are now. Anyway you're not alone!

wonder said...

Um, I have to admit that I too find UPS men mysteriously attractive. I think the uniform is what does it. Ever notice how nice UPS men's legs are. They are tan and nice. The brown matching socks aren't bad either. Btw, you said internets.

Caps said...

The uniform is definitely 90% of it. Not doubt.
I said Internets on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't see the attraction..but maybe that is because my brother is a UPS man..but yes..most of the woman in my office think the UPS man is hot. I on the other had run into him every I go outside of the office. Round Rock Express Games, Ghrams's Central Station..