Friday, July 4, 2008

Just call her Stinky Pants

Haley is here!!!! Haley is here!!!!Baby Stinky Pants was born Wednesday evening at 11:03pm. Weight: 7lbs 12oz. 20 inches long.
Both mom and baby are doing great! Congrats to Kris and Christy on their new (stubborn, late, slow-to-arrive) daughter!!! Love you all!

"Baby Stinky Pants" was a nickname given to her by her own mother because of an unfortunate incident involving some pants that were stinky. And brown. Let's just say it was a nice introduction into parenthood for the parents. And quite funny to watch for The Cowboy and I. I won't post the pictures here. But I will post a wonderful shot of mommy feeding BSP. This is prior to the Pants becoming Stinky episode.

And one more just because I can and I like this shot because I think she looks Elfin.

Welcome Baby Stinky Pants!

In honor of her arrival, and because my friend H-Sheezy pointed out that I didn't put a picture of her son on my blog about cute kids, here are some more of my friend's cute kids.
This is Ellie Mae Clampit. Modeling the hat I made for her.

This is Baby Big Cheeks, AKA Sydney.

Having fun (a little too much fun, looks like) at the beach.

These are my lady babies. Momo, Didi and Ruff Ruff.

They have real names. I choose not to use them.

H-Sheezy's boy Gavin. Making sweet sweet love to his ice cream cone.

(Anyone else hear Forest Gump going "ICE CREAM! LIEUTENANT DAN, ICE CREAM!")

Cute Kid Number One. Cate.

The Cuteness Herself. (blurry pic, it's from my camera phone)

See? Don't my friends have the cutest kids?

(A disclaimer to my friends: if I haven't included your children on this blog, or er, your pet rats, it's because I don't have any recent pictures of them. Get off your lazy butts and send them to me and they will be featured in an upcoming blog. Good day to you.)

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