Monday, June 9, 2008

Blankets & Flowers

I had a blog all planned for today, and a series of pictures to go with it, but I realized I'm missing one last crucial photo before I can proceed. Lucky for me, and more importantly, YOU, I have a back up plan. Fear not.

First, is anyone getting tired of pictures of The Cuteness? Because I'm not. Here is a new one I got from her daddy via email. She is enjoying the handknit blanket I made for her. I think I see a small hint of a smile. Or maybe it's baby gas, since I think technically she's too young for a smile.

I really don't have anything else important to say, and didn't make much headway on any of my knitting this weekend. There were parties to go to, and crock pots to cook with. But, I would like to show you some flowers that were picked from our garden. The gladiolas came from the front yard (there is a lone tiger lily in there, a mutant leftover from my birthday flowers that just. won't. die.).

Beautiful, no??? We also have tomatoes, cukes, banana peppers, jalapenos and baby bell peppers coming in!! The salmonella won't stop us from eating fresh produce!

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Anonymous said...

beauty baby and blankie
thanks for the link to crockpot lady, she cracks me up and writes like you talk.
am cutting and pasting recipes so i can make some of her stuff soon.
PS can't believe you havent posted any pictures of my adorable pet rats yet!!!!