Monday, June 23, 2008

It's just another boring Monday

I wish it were Sunday so that I'd have a whole nother day to catch up on stuff. Ever notice how people say nother like it's a word? A whole nother. Instead of a whole other. Nother ain't a word kids. Neither is ain't. Neither nother. Either other. Let's call the whole thing off.

We had a great weekend! It was The Cowboy's birthday on Friday, and we celebrated by both taking the day off. I made him a big breakfast of fresh blueberry panclocks (what we call pancakes at our's from a movie, who can name it?), and bacon. Then we went and had an even bigger lunch with his parents at Fish Daddy's. The Cowboy is a big fan of this place, but the rest of us hadn't been before and I was sure glad to see that they had other things on their menu besides fish. And daddies. I had the ribs. They were superb.

After all the eating, we took a supposed 45 minute tour, that lasted twice as long, of a local guitar making factory, Collings Guitars, in South Austin. But I wasn't counting or anything. It was actually way more interesting than I expected, and The Cowboy was way in his element and very excited. So that was cool. I'm glad he got to do something fun like that for his birthday.

Then I got to have a little fun of my own, and went to Mystery Knit Nite at the LYS. It was a lot of fun!! I was a little nervous, since it was my first event at the store, and I didn't know anyone, but there were several other newbies there, and knitters are so doggone friendly, that I felt comfortable right away. And that wine I had helped too. Anyway, we got a brown paper bag (a la 4th grade lunch) and inside it was a pattern and some yarn, but the pattern didn't say what it was, so we just started knitting! Ooooh, the suspense. Oooooh, the mystery. What would it be??
It's a soap satchel! Made with DK weight yarn, 100% cotton. They knit up so quick and cute, and the owner of the store gave us several patterns for them, so I can make a bunch more. I know what SOMEONE is getting for Christmas. Wink wink. Yeah, I mean you. Which reminds me, I've already started my Christmas knitting. I figure I better get a good head start. So I might not have very many knitting pictures to post soon, since I don't want people to see their gifts.
Saturday we went to San Antonio with our friends Johnny & Tiff, and Jason & Belinda. We took the scenic route, on purpose, and I slept a good portion of the drive because of the car sickness. I can't help it, y'all. But San Antonio was a lot of fun as you can see from yesterday's blog. Here is The Cowboy and I celebrating his birthday with those punch bowl sized margaritas that tasted like lemonade and probably had about the same amount of liquor.

In baby news.....I give you my very pregnant and extremely uncomfortable friend Christy.

On behalf of her and her unborn child....please pray for this woman. She needs to have this baby ASAP. She is now past her due date and getting more ornery by the minute. No, I'm joking. She's actually being very good natured about this whole thing, but I'm not sure her husband would say the same thing. I don't live with her. But seriously, she's uncomfortable, as would you be if you were 9 months and counting pregnant and it was 102 degrees every day. And her ankles, oh those poor chubbies. And she's got a rash. She's just a mess. I hope that baby comes this week. Because my friends have the cutest babies (and I know hers will be no exception). Case and point.
Cate and Ellsworth (Ellie)

Sydney sporting a baby mohawk. I mean, my God.

And finally, it was a big day for Moose at our house yesterday. Blain received a parcel (I'm going to start throwing British phrases in at random, it's fun. Parcel is a good one, and so is petrol and trousers). Anyway, he got a parcel and Moose got the box. That cat loves to sit on stuff.

Hope your week is as good as Moose's promises to be!!

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Barbara said...

Monday may have been boring but your weekend sounded fun. Knit one of the soap satchels with wool yarn, then when you wash with it, the wool will felt up and make the greatest scrubber... providing it is not superwash wool.

I wrap unspun wool around handmade soaps and felt them by hand, people really like them.