Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Literally. I'd like to share with you now an e-mail I received from my friend Charlene.

"feel free to post the pictures on your blog. nothing cuter than a rat...
Meet our newest family members, Peanut and Trixie!!
Catherine had a wonderful birthday surprise! Peanut is the darker one, and Trixie is the lighter. (yes, she is named for Speed Racer's girlfriend!)
They are dumbo rats, so their ears are bigger and more on the side of their heads, giving them a bit of resemblance to Dumbo the Elephant! they are very sweet and we already love them!"

I got this e-mail last week. Today, I received the following message from her:

"PS can't believe you havent posted any pictures of my adorable pet rats yet!!!!"

That's right. I am being hounded to post pictures of......rats. Because her, um, rats, are apparently on par with The Cuteness.

Charlene may or may not be delusional.

We're looking into it.

Here now, are my friend Charlene's rats. Pebbles and Bam Bam. Or whatever their names are.

Also, for the record, the Catherine she refers to in her e-mail is in fact her daughter. Not myself. I did have a lovely birthday surprise also, but I assure all of you that it had nothing to do with RATS.

Big Ups, Charlene. Big Ups.


Anonymous said...

Sure can't figure out what all the big to do is over a couple of rodents.


Anonymous said...

thanks, Cathie, for posting them. my kids were thrilled that their new babies are "famous". Catherine especially has so wanted a little pet of her own that won't run away and hiss at her like our grouchy kitty does. Matthew thought your blog was very funny, especially the part about his mom being delusional (once I explained what that meant!)
thanks again and I love subscribing to your blog, I feel like you are not so far away. I loved working with you back at NKFM, and miss you!