Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting to know you, Part 1

People of America, I am alive. I have been sick. Under the weather. Ill. Ailing. I am on the mend. Send kleenex. This is a blog I had prepared last week, and it sort of took a different turn in my mind, but I couldn't bring it to fruition because our scanner quit working, and we can't figure out why. I am disheartened by this, because that blog had fabulosity written all over it, but I have not given up finding a way to bring it to you, so in the meanwhile, I give you this. Sorry.

This is me.
I'm an idiot.

Real Name: Catherine
Nicknames: Caps, The Chip, Cappydoodles
Age: 30 (biologically anyway)
Hobbies: knitting, blogging, blogging about knitting, listening to Neil Diamond, cooking things in my crock pot, laundry (this isn’t really an interest of mine, but I do it so darn much it sure seems like a hobby), taking naps, making lists, drinking red wine, wearing socks. I guess wearing socks isn't really a hobby, is it? Knitting socks is a hobby. But wearing them? Not so much. So technically I should move the wearing socks bit to the 'likes' catergory below. But I'm not going to. Nobody's the boss of me.

Likes: avocado, swiss cake rolls, cold beer, pineapple, old French music, rocks, yarn, the smell of old books, Vera Bradley bags, show tunes, Bill Murray, flip flops, John Denver songs, goat cheese, rain, views that take your breath away, the smell of lake water and gasoline, the song "Roll me Away" from Bob Seger (it's on my mp3 player right now, ok? but I still love it), playing board games, ice cold Coca-Cola from a can, popsicles, dancing like the white girl I am.

Dislikes: mustard, washing dishes, being sweaty, painting my toe nails, Brendan Fraser, hairy backs, having my feet touched, people who say 'supposably', people who misuse your/you're or there/they're/their, having to blow dry my hair, changing batteries.

What my friends are saying:
I sent an email to friends and family asking for "One Word" to describe me. Here are some of the responses:

gifted, funny, smartass, supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, eclectic, witty, nutty, catawampus, clever
My overachiever friend H-Dizzle gave me the entire following list all by herself. No one will ever accuse me of being an overachiever, and apparently H-Diz can't follow directions. I asked for ONE word.

Wiity (haha that was supposed to be witty, but I kinda like wiity, like the wii, or like Whitey) Poet
Sassitude (that is an HS original right there)
Kneat (get it, like knit and neat combined)
Gnice (gnomism)
Snappy (in a good way)
Thank you H-Dizzle. And thank you to everyone else who participated: Wonder, Mixie, Reenie, Bev, Aunt Marlie, The J, Dawn, Marlene, Marce, Charlene and Tiff.

And if you happen to be a certain person who replied back with the word "Moist", just to get me, because you know how I hate that word, then I am not thanking you. You know who you are. But I won't name names, I will just say that this person is maybe the most pregnant person I know currently. But see how I didn't give a name.

Also, a late addition comes from my own mother, the Nuggler, who couldn't choose just one word, and so she chose three and combined them into a New! Super! word:
Bitchy, crafty and witty.
Er. Thanks, mom.
I think.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Glad you are feeling better. Now I have my Catherine Blog Fix!