Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In Other News

I have been neglectful and lazy. Guilty. So here is 5 days worth of blogging all rolled into one jam packed blogalicious blog. Blog. Bloggy blog blog. It's fun.

Happy Belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe time celebrating our nation's independence. The Cowboy and I had a pretty low key day. We hung out with some friends for a little while, did a little shopping, and then climbed on the roof to watch the fireworks on the golf course behind our house. No big deal right? Wrong. I was terrified to my very core. I was close to tears at one point, clinging to the edge of the ladder and Cowboy's shoulder with my white knuckled death grip. I almost crapped my pants.

This is not an exaggeration. I don't know when this happened, but evidently I'm scared of heights. It's a new one to add to the list. Spiders, sexual assault, geese, snakes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND heights. Hello, fears. Eat my shit.

Anyway it was worth it. The fireworks were great (if a little far away for us to really fully appreciate). As I sat there and clung to the shingles and prayed to the Virgin Mother that a strong gust of wind wouldn't blow me right off the roof, Blain managed to take pictures.

I like this one. It looks like a flower.

Fireworks pictures aren't very exciting, are they?
Ah, one more for the hell of it and because the Cowboy was really proud of these pictures, and they do look cool a little bigger and it was neat to see them. And then as soon as that last firework went off, I climbed my happy ass off that roof (death grip, again) and went right to bed.

In other news:
Our friends Johnny & Tiffany's little girl Syndey turns 1 today (Happy Birthday Syd!) and her party was this past Saturday. Sydney spent much of the day doing this:

Being cute.
It's what she does best.

Hey! That's the same way I celebrated my birthday! Soul Sisters!

I also got to see Ava, daughter of our other friends Jason & Belinda. She was born in March. The little cutie!

In other news: YARN PORN! YARN PORN! May not be appropriate for children under the age of 18. YARN PORN.

I have been knitting, even though I haven't been blogging about knitting. I have also been buying ridiculous amounts of yarn. It's out of control. BUT! I'm thinking of Christmas gifts and all that hand knitty goodness that people will unwrap on December 25th and how much money I will save come Christmas shopping time because I bought all my yarn in June & July. I have enough yarn to last me for a very, very long time. Here are some of my newest acquisitions.

This bad boy was less than $30, but more than $28. That's all I will tell you. Get out your calculators and figure it out. But, it was on sale. 25% off. So I splurged. It's still more than I am usually willing to spend on yarn, but it hasn't kept me up at night with worry, so I figure it was worth it.

This is SILK. SIIIIIILK. It's so soft and shiny and look at that beautiful rust color! AND check out the label (I know, my picture is sideways again, I don't know why), it was like it was taunting me with that label so I had to take it home. No idea what I will make with it. Don't even care. Just like to take it out of the bag, smell it and then rub it on my face. Hey, I told you this wouldn't be appropriate for children.

The picture doesn't do this yarn justice. It's 100% wool, kettle dyed, and beautiful, deep, rich variegated red. It's also thick in some spots and thin in others. It's heavenly. I am working with it right now (making a scarf) and it's wonderful. I love the way the colors and textures keep changing.
With most of the new yarns I buy, I think about what a beautiful scarf it would make. I know I need to break out of my evil scarf knitting ways. This is what 5 years of knitting nothing but garter stitch scarves will do to you. I know there are so many more wonderful things to make with all this beautiful (read: expensive) yarn. I will prevail! Garter scarf no more!
In other news: I like saying In other news.

Damn stupid sideways pictures. Probably I need to resize them so they will appear correctly. Probably I'm too lazy to figure out how to do that.

So I was sick last week and I knit this up for my friend Marlene. She saw my soap satchel from Mystery Knit Nite and wanted one for her "feminine products". Hey, I aim to please. People need a place to put their tampons so that not everyone knows that you are carrying tampons, unless of course your friend announces it to the whole internets.

I also knit these slippers up the other night. What a quick knit. What an ugly pair of slippers. I love them. They are funky and homemade looking and wonderful. They are quite comfortable. I will be making more, and I bought the yarn yesterday to do so (told you, problem).

I leave you now with another fireworks picture. Because I don't know how else to wrap this up. I call this one: 'Fireworks'. It's copyrighted. Don't try to steal it.
Seacrest Out.


Fabgurrl said...
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Fabgurrl said...

Not only do I use it for my blood sticks, I use it for my reading glasses. it's very versatile!!!

Anonymous said...

love those babies. love the fireworks. love the yarn ideas, esp. for the tampies.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog this week! I am totally jealous of all the babies you are surrounded by. Need baby love. Anyways, since I don't ride the crimson wave now, I will take a pair of slippers.

surviving the Utahns said...

You forgot about pedicures! You are deathly afraid of pedicures!! :)
sg here - hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Caps - Reenie gave me your blog link. You are frick fracking hilarious! And you make me want to learn how to knit . . . hmmmmm.
Hug that stinky pants baby for me and her mother!

Anonymous said...

Caps, Reenie also gave me your blog link. I'm a knitter and I love your yarn, also love your firework pics. Christy when you read this, love stinky pants, Caps give 'em both a hug for me. Y'all know we all have to get together one of these days for a huge party!!!!