Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Male Bonding

Ah, male bonding. A time honored tradition. Some do it over a football game and a few beers. Others enjoy getting together to play their favorite video or card games. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that where there are males and bonding, there shall also be beer, ball scratching, and much swearing.

In Texas, y'all, we do thangs a bit differently. Down here, our boys like to partake of some good ol' fashioned male bonding over..........

Pickle Making.

That's right. The Cowboy and his BFF Johnny got together last night to make pickles.
I tried not to think too much about the completely obvious and slightly disturbing significance of the phalic shaped vegetable that they had chosen to work with, and just enjoy the fact that there were 2 males in the kitchen-a-cookin' (and a-drinking, but what did you expect?).

There will be no tutorial today about pickle making. I didn't help. I sat on my happy ass and played Rock Band (solo tour, thank you very much) and then read and went to bed. Oh, and I tried to take some pictures of the process, but these boys were not having it. They were not interested in being photographed and blogged about. Well tough noogies. Here is The Cowboy, being very uncooperative. As usual. Also, he needs a hair cut.

A more immature person might take this opportunity to make some sophmoric jokes regarding men and pickles, and whathaveyou. I am not such a person. But I will show you some pictures of our mutant cucumbers, and you can perhaps form some of these jokes in your own mind. Feel free to leave them in my comments, if you'd like. Because while I may not make the jokes, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy them.
Our stash of cukes. Last year we had a ton of great cucumbers, but for some reason this year we got crap.
On the left: Gigan-cumber. On the right, a normal cuke.
(suppressing jokes, suppressing jokes, suppressing jokes)
Look! The Jam Helpers were back and eager to pose for a picture and help with the pickle making.

Limes? No. Our mutant cukes.
The boys had a very productive evening, and the entire house now smells like vinegar. Mmmm. Scentful.

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